Low Cost Artificial Grass

Save Money on High Quality Artificial Grass

Buy low cost artificial grass products from Bella Turf as artificial grass remnants and shorts. You’re able to buy low cost artificial grass from us at steep discounts because the synthetic grass products featured here are either:

Artificial Grass Remnants

Artificial grass remnants are pieces of artificial grass left over when a roll is cut to a particular size and/or when artificial grass is trimmed to fit during an installation. Our artificial grass remnants come in all manner of shapes and sizes.

Artificial Grass Shorts

A short is a roll of artificial grass that is (you guessed it!) shorter than when it left the factory. This happens when a customer orders a certain amount of artificial grass and what’s left on the roll we sell as a short. Shorts are just like regular rolls of artificial grass, only shorter.

Artificial Grass Factory Seconds

Artificial Grass Discontinued


The low cost artificial grass products listed here are available for online ordering but must be picked up at the specified store.

Our Product Warranty does not cover any of these sales and such sales are specifically sold “as-is”. They are sold at a significant discount because they come with NO PRODUCT WARRANTY.


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