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5-Colour Artificial Turf Inspired by the Prairies

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Dual shaped blades featuring a 3 tone grass blend and 2 colour thatch. Natures Blend closely resembles natural grass with its dry thatch running to the tips of the blades. Inspired by the Prairies, but appreciated Canada wide by those wanting that mid summer look to their lawn all year round. Designed with activity in mind, the WaveBlade and DiamondBlade make for a very resilient surface.

Treat you, your family and your house to Bella Turf’s best-in-class series of artificial grasses. Natures Best is Bella Turf’s most luxurious artificial grass and is guaranteed to enhance any space it is put in. Not only does this grass look great, it is also one of the toughest grasses available. Built with Bella Turf’s own exclusive WaveBlade™ and DiamondBlade technologies, Natures Best has a one-of-a-kind wave-like structure that allows its grass blades to stand up straight despite heavy traffic or long-term compression. The WaveBlade’s wave-like structure not only makes Natures Best nearly indestructible, it also keeps the grass up to 10° cooler than its nearest competitors. The WaveBlade’s unique design allows the sun’s uv rays to deflect in multiple directions leaving the grass with no shine or glare. Natures Best is one of the softest, most durable and visually stunning artificial grasses that money can buy.

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