Bella Turf

Bella Turf is a Canadian company that has made it simple and easy to buy and install artificial grass. Our products are versatile, durable, and extremely simple to install.

With rigorous testing and inspection along with meeting or exceeding all safety standard certifications, Bella Turf has designed a product that is safe, warranted, and at the top of its class.
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The World’s Finest Artificial Grass

Lets face it. Yard work will always be yard work, unless you decide to make Bella Turf a reality! Trading out your natural grass for Bella Turf artificial grass will not only gain hours of your free time back to enjoy life, it will accent your home, create a clean, fun, usable space for your family and friends to enjoy for years, and simply allow you to spend more time in your gardens. With endless applications, whether it is back or front yards, rooftops, indoors or even walls, Bella Turf will continuously look lush and green.

Easy on the environment

Bella Turf Artificial grass is The Future Of Green. Backed by our 15-year warranty!

Water Friendly

Saves millions of gallons
Drains like natural grass
Reduces maintenance costs

Earth Friendly

100% Recyclable content
Reduces fuel consumption
Reduces carbon emissions

Pet Friendly

Safe for pets of all types
Keeps pets clean and healthy
Controls insects, rodents & pests

Made with today’s most advanced yarn technologies

When it comes to the performance of our grass, the shape of the yarn is a key factor when selecting a product to best suit your needs. Each shape offers a unique look and serves a different purpose.

A flat yarn is used mainly for aesthetics or very low traffic areas. Shaped yarns provide a beautiful aesthetic with unmatched performance. Bella Turf is proud to offer a WaveBlade, U-Shape, S-Shape, DiamondBlade, TwistBlade and Stem Grass. These products keep a cooler surface temperature with less shine, withstand more foot traffic, and are proven to be significantly stronger than flat yarn grass.